Donate to Kids in Brazil❤️

Donate to Kids in Brazil❤️

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Brazil is a country with many social problems, including an alarming rate of child poverty. Today, more than one quarter of Brazilian children live in households where income is insufficient to meet basic needs—including food and clothing—and around one-third of these children live on the streets or in shelters without any family support system at all.

Together, we can help fight this! We are organizing a charity event where our generous donations will aid in providing basic necessities for these children to receive an education such as food, clothing, and school supplies. You will get a chance to see the direct effect of your support and witness the smiles on the children's faces as they receive the essentials they need to thrive. It will be a remarkable opportunity to engage with the small communities in Brazil, connect with the children, and truly understand the difference you are making through your generous contributions.

Let's work together towards making a positive impact on these children’s lives! Every dollar counts❤️